Personalized Ecards: SmashUps™

SmashUps™ customizable ecards by American Greetings allow the greatest amount of personalization of all our ecards! While all of our ecards provide the opportunity to create a personalized message, with SmashUps™ you can make highly customized messages for whoever your recipient is. Our talking video ecards will mention your recipient’s name. Our selfie SmashUps™ ecards take your photo and turn it into a hilarious video message. And finally, our celebrity SmashUps™ enable you to send a personalized greeting or song from your favorite celeb! You’re going to love sending these personalized ecards to everyone special. Get started by browsing some of our favorites below then sign up for a free 7-day trial to see the fun for yourself!


Why just send along your wishes, when you can have a celebrity deliver your personalized greeting in a song? We've got the all-singing, all-dancing, personalized video celebrity greetings! Simply choose your favorite celebrity, select unique personalizations for your recipient, then preview and send your original masterpiece. Create your own personalized song with Smashups! Make your birthday wish sing with a celebrity shout-out! Now you can deliver singing, dancing and personalized video messages filled with catchy birthday beats from top stars! Get the party started by creating your own personalized birthday song with Smashups!

How To Personalize An Ecard Message

Sending a personalized ecard couldn’t be easier with American Greetings. Simply browse our vast selection of customizable electronic greetings, choose one your recipient will love, select their name from a drop-down list, then sit back and enjoy a fun video message! If you’re sending a selfie SmashUp™, simply upload a photo from your computer, write out exactly what you’d like your video message to say, and watch as your personalized ecard comes to life. If you’re sending a musical or celebrity SmashUp™ ecard, you might even be able to personalize the lyrics!

How to Send a Personalized Ecard

Sending a custom video or photo ecard couldn’t be simpler. With a 7-day, no-risk free trial, all you need to do is follow the simple steps below:

  1. Browse personalized ecards and choose the perfect one
  2. Add a custom note, choose your recipient’s name or upload your favorite photo
  3. Preview your ecard to make sure you’re happy with the final product
  4. Enter the recipient's email address and hit send!

If you’re running into trouble, check out our ecard FAQs to find a solution.

Other Ways To Celebrate 

If you’re not sure how to write the perfect message for your personalized card, explore our advice to learn what to write based on the holiday or occasion you’re interested in. To take a custom greeting to the next level, consider adding a gift! We have a number of helpful gift guides to aid in your search for the perfect present. And finally, if you decide you’d rather send a card your recipient can touch and feel, explore our printable cards to find one you can personalize and send just as conveniently.

Get Started With American Greetings

With a free trial, your benefits go way beyond just creating fun, personalized ecards. You also will have access to a handful of other great membership benefits like unlimited access to the most creative ecards on the internet, the ability to schedule reminders and the option to send your ecards ahead of time. You’ll never forget that upcoming birthday or anniversary! Get started to reap the rewards of an American Greetings membership today!