Printable Friendship Cards

Send gratitude, words of encouragement, or a simple hello to your friends with printable friendship cards.


Where would we be without our friends? Stay connected with your circle by sharing printable friendship cards! Brighten their day, say something heartfelt, make them laugh, express thanks, offer encouragement and let them know you’re thinking of them with friendship greetings that are cute, funny, sweet and everything in between. With printable greeting cards about friendship, you can connect with all your friends from the comfort of home. Get as creative as you like by changing everything from the card fold to the font type, color and size. In some best friend printable cards, you can even add new text or a favorite photo. Then preview and print or share best friend printables from your phone or laptop in an email, text or social post. Your friends will love receiving their card knowing that you took the time and effort to make something just for them. It’s also a convenient option if you can’t see them in person or they live across the miles. Need a little inspiration on What to Write in a Greeting Card? Check out the tips our card writers have to offer on expressing congrats, thanks, love, friendship, sympathy, get well, an apology and other messages for your besties, buddies and boon companions.

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